Analysis of Mining Labor Force, 1936 vs. 2008

We have figures for how many people were employed in mining in all of Nevada County in 1936 from The Nevada City Nugget, Friday May 22, 1936, "Men Employed in County Mines, 2499".
In 1930 the county population was 10,600 people per Nevada County, CA Population by Decades from In 1940 it was 19,283. Assuming linear population growth that puts the population in 1936 at 15,809 people.
In 2000 the population of Nevada County was 92,033, op cit. The growth rate was 1.6% per year. That puts the 2008 population at 103,776.
Thus by simple math, in the mid 1930's, 1936 to be exact, during the midst of the depression, 15.8% of the population of Nevada County was employed in mining. Similarly, in 2008, using a total of 400 jobs for the IMM project, which is generous, the percentage of the population of Nevada County that would be employed in mining would be 0.4%.
The impact of having close to 16% of the population in mining in 1936 vs. the impact of having less than 0.4% employed in mining in 2008 or 20xx, is ludicrous. There will be no "safe from the depression" impact on our economy from having one active mine in Nevada County in 2008 vs. having 38 active mines in 1936.

The impact that will occur is a significant increase in traffic, pollution, and global warming, and a significant loss of local well water, local water quality, and local overall quality of life.