Air Pollution Issues at the Idaho Maryland Mine project

The following statements are taken directly from the Idaho Maryland Mine Project Master Environmental Assessment, p4.3-1

These potentially SIGNIFICANT IMPACTS would be caused by this project:

  • "Conflict with or obstruct implementation of the applicable air quality plan."
  • "Violate any air quality standard or contribute substantially to an existing or projected air quality violation. "
  • "Result in a cumulatively considerable net increase of any criteria pollutant for which the project region is non-attainment under an applicable federal or state ambient air quality standard (including releasing emissions which exceed quantitative thresholds for ozone precursors)."
  • "Expose sensitive receptors (e.g. children, outdoor exercisers, elderly people, asthma sufferers) to substantial pollutant concentrations."
  • "Create objectionable odors affecting a substantial number of people."

  • What does it all mean? A detail assessment is provided here.

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