Ceramics Plant issues at the Idaho Maryland Mine project

  • No other investors in Golden Bear Ceramics have been found in over 2 years. Why?
    The current focus on “green technology” would infer that investors should be available if
    1. The new technology really is green
    2. The new technology has some inherent benefit over existing techniques.
    3. The new technology will lead to a profitable product.
    No known progress so far.
  • The ceramics “process” has never been scaled up to other than a laboratory curiosity. Why?
  • The market for the tiles: Does it exist? Can they be sold at a profit? Where are the marketing studies?
  • If the ceramics plant does open, what happens to it when the mine closes? Will toxic materials be trucked into Nevada County to keep the plant open? If not then all the jobs are lost.
  • If the ceramics plant does not open in Grass Valley, what happens to the 2400 tons per day of mine waste? Will they be trucked off site? Where will they go?1

The Facts:

  • Energy usage at just the ceramics plant will dwarf current Nevada County usage.2
  • Patents are no guarantee of anything. Anyone can get a patent as long as no one has proposed the exact same thing (prior art). Having a patent does not prove anything.
  • Golden Bear Ceramics has been excluded from West Coast Green Expo as of March 20073
  • All Golden Bear Ceramics (GBC) employees were laid off in 2006. 1,4As far as we can tell none have been rehired.
  • No updates have been made to the GBC web site since 2006.
  • The ceramics plant accounts for 50% of the promised jobs. If there is no ceramics plant, or if it is located elsewhere, then half the jobs are gone.
  • If there is no profitable market for the tiles, then there is no ceramics plant.
  • No independent analysis of the viability of the process and the value of the product can be found.

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