Traffic questions at the Idaho Maryland Mine project

The following statements are taken directly from the Idaho Maryland Mine Project Master Environmental Assessment, p4.14-1

These potentially significant impacts would be caused by this project:

  • An increase in traffic which is substantial in relation to the existing traffic load and capacity of the street system
  • Exceed, either individually or cumulatively, a level of service standard (level of service means amount of time to pass through an intersection) established by the county transportation commission for designated roads or highways
  • Substantially increase hazards due to a design feature (e.g., sharp curves or dangerous intersections)
  • Result in inadequate emergency access

Heavy Diesel Truck Trips (per DEIR from 2008)

256 heavy deisel truck trips per day, all day, all week, all year. 1 truck every 6 minutes. These truck trips will be by a large Diesel semi tractor trailer hauling 20 tons of mine waste or ceramic tile each. See below photo of a typical 20 ton haul truck.

These trucks will travel down Idaho Maryland Road toward downtown Grass Valley. They will pass the Home Center, Sears, and then go around the Roundabout and onto the 49 Freeway on ramp. However, they will not get on the Freeway since they are too heavy to safely merge. So instead they will get off again at the Colfax exit. They will cross the 2 way stop at the Post Office, trying to outrun cars coming from the right. They stop and start up again in front of the Holiday Inn. And finally pass the Safeway, Network Real Estate office and Hennessy School before climbing up the ramp onto the Freeway where they will merge and travel to the south on 49, past Alta Sierra and other south county areas. For trucks returning to the mine, they will pass by on the Freeway opposite Hennessy school, drive alongside the school and the playground and exit at the Idaho Maryland Road off ramp. They will then travel along Idaho Maryland Rd to the mine.

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